About Our Company

San Marin Travel has been providing quality travel consulting since 1984.

Co-Owners Michael and Bee Hannan each have spent more than three decades in their travel industry careers, encompassing a wide variety of travel and business experiences. Their son, Mike Jr., works with them in the agency as a travel consultant.

Our agency is a member of Signature Travel Network, the oldest and most prestigious travel consortium in America. With Signature's buying power (sales of over $11 Billion), we are able to provide our clients with competitive prices on cruises, tours, vacation packages, as well as hotel and resort stays. You'll find our rates are equal to, or lower than, the big national chains and travel "discounters". And no one provides our service!

We are honored to have four independent contractors affiliated with San Marin Travel: Linda Bartholomew, Barbara Nelson, Sami Scheuring, and Marilyn Smith. Based in Northern California, each is a truly professional travel consultant with many years' experience.